West Brom (A)

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This was meant to be a three-point banker for us and revenge for the totally unexpected (by some) home defeat earlier in the season; trouble was nobody told Almunia and his hapless helpers in defence.

Almunia, a man with utterly no confidence, who had been cast aside, first for an equally dodgy Pole, then for a 19 year old, had a real chance to show that he was up to the job – he failed in the most spectacular of fashions. Was he to blame for the opener? – stuck to his line as if the soles of his boots were covered in superglue; or was it down to his defenders? – just where were the two centre-backs?

I watched the game from a hospitality box, surrounded by Albion supporters, so endeavoured to be on my best behaviour – not any easy thing when watching Wenger’s Arsenal teams these days. When I heard prior to kick-off that Diaby was injured I rejoiced and told my hosts why. But Denilson, that utterly useless cretin, put in such an abysmal display in the first half he did enough damage for the two of them. How can Wenger continue to pick this incompetent? Even Wenger had to pull him off at half time.

After the goal was conceded there appeared to be no more urgency from the team, with Ramsey pushed forward to support RvP from the start, Aaron’s lack of match fitness and being played out of position made him completely ineffective; whether he should have scored from the rebound following RvP hitting the woodwork in the first half or it was a good save from the keeper is debatable – though I believe a fully match fit Ramsey would have buried it.

I cannot recall the catastrophic cock-up that led to Albion’s second without a maddening rage – how many more freebies do we need to give away before action is taken? Injuries are no excuse. Look at ManUre, far more injuries than we have, but they have a far better squad. Wenger kept saying six more weeks for Vermaelen, then at the transfer window he said he’d be ready soon, now the liar says he knew all along that Vermaelen wouldn’t make it this season at all. He was either telling porkies at the beginning of the campaign or now. But we should not have to rely on one or two players. There is no quality in depth in this squad.

Sagna continues to decline in form. He was asleep for the move that led to the corner for the first goal and was, at best, mediocre, for the rest of the game. Eboue, the obvious alternative is no better,. Clichy, such a prospect a season or two ago, is so inconsistent, that Gibbs needs to be given a run. I will not waste time even discussing the centre-backs. We have a one good central defender at the club and he has been injured all season.

A bright spot for me, (yes, there really was one), was Chamakh really had a go when he came on. I still don’t think he is up to it, but his arrival certainly rejuvenated the team. Arseshaver took his goal superbly and created the second but needs to be involved more and more accurate with his distribution.

It was shame it took us so long to get going against the Albion, but with no skipper on the pitch and none in the dressing room – come on Jens, do your stuff – is that any surprise?

Incredibly, if we win our game in hand and beat United at home, (now there’s a couple of very big “ifs”), we can still win the title. But does anyone really believe it likely? We still have to play the Spuds away, which if Saturday was anything to go by, could be very embarrassing.┬áNever mind – it’s only a game.

Wenger Out!


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