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If one good thing has come from this appalling lack-lustre run of performances it is the triggering of the much anticipated takeover by Stan Kroenke. All being well, he will purchase Usmanov’s shares and then sweep up the rest relatively quickly and for the first time since the departure of Dein we will start to develop a proper working structure at the football club: Wenger will have someone to answer to.

Yesterdays result really summed up the way things stand at the club right now. Playing a spirited but doomed Blackpool, we looked good at times and awful at others. Goals from Eboue and Diaby will sadly ensure their presence at Ashburton Grove next season. It was wonderful to see a real keeper in goal, and Jens was back to his old tricks, getting away with what could have seen him sent off on his return, and RvP,our other scorer,covering between the sticks, fortunately the referee looked kindly on our aged and rusty keeper.

Three more points keeps the dreamers hopes alive, whilst I prefer to be realistic and consider what Wenger said on Friday, that second place would be a good finish for us. If you recall, only the week before, prior to the Blackburn game, Wenger had said that now we were out of all the other competitions it put us in the driving seat for the league title. (Three weeks before that he was talking about the Quadruple). Utter tosser. He needs help.

Will a Kroenke/Gavidis combination at the top of the club make Wenger more answerable? It certainly should do. Silverware is not just wanted, it is essential. Quality imports must be brought in at keeper, centre-back, possibly full-back, a strong midfield ball winner and a kosher striker. If Wenger is not moved to one side, maybe Pat Rice should be replaced by an heir apparent, so when the big day does arrive, we may have somebody there, with a proven track record, if the guy is prepared to wait.

I believe this change at the top of the club is every bit as significant as the move to Ashburton Grove and the remains of the family run club of the Hill-Woods (P H-W will remain Chairman) will be replaced by a brilliant business model imported from the States along the same lines as Kroenke’s other sporting franchises.

So a good weekend – how often have I been able to say that recently?!



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