Note from the Away Ticket Officer

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We would like to summarise the process for requesting and obtaining tickets for away matches:

  • Members make ticket requests via website or email to
  • Once tickets go on sale they are purchased using our available memberships. At this point the member is liable for the tickets purchased for them
  • The member is sent a Request For Payment (RFP)
  • The member is requested to make an immediate payment by bank transfer.
  • Once payment and tickets are received they are despatched by the required postal method. No SAE is required.

The charges involved for away ticket purchased are…

  • The applicable ticket price (variable)
  • AFC Booking Fee of £1.65 per ticket
  • AWM non-member charge of £2.50 per ticket for any non TC, Gold or JG
  • Postage, either a one off charge of 50p for 1st class or £1.50 recorded, your choice

We hope that this information helps, if any of you would like to join us on an awayday you would be more than welcome.


Ian Hodgkinson – AWMSC Away Tickets Officer

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