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It is one of the great joys of football seeing the face of Sir Buster Blood-Vessel Ferguson when his team have been beaten, and an even greater pleasure when it is at the hands of the Arsenal.

This was a fine performance from the Gunners, and in no small part down to the midfield partnership of Ramsey and Wilshere – as Bearded Gooner queried, “Is this the shape of the Arsenal midfield post-Cesc?” Rambo certainly brought more drive and was more direct than Cesc, so perhaps his omission did us a favour.

The first half was typical Arsenal, total dominance and missed opportunities, though not one effort on target. We all thought the script was pre-ordained, another huffy-puffy performance and another hard luck story, but thankfully Rambo had other ideas, slipping the ball through the legs of Carrick (that bloke really is crap) for a well deserved winner.
Both sides should have had penalties, but had Vidic been sent-off in the first-half it could have been so much easier for us.

Clichy continues to remain a weak link and nearly blew things and the rumours seem to be everywhere that he will be replaced in the close season. Shrek had a very quiet game for them, whether it was down to Song or his own extra-curricular activities, only a super-injunction will tell.

Overall, a fine performance that means we can still finish anywhere from first (if only!) to fourth. No lower than third is essential as we do not want to have to qualify for the Champions League as a fourth place finish.

So Wenger feels vindicated and everything in garden is rosy suddenly. Not so; too little, too late and we are in desperate need fresh ideas and fresh aces at the top to provide a realistic and trophy-winning perspective.

There is much talk of an increase in season ticket prices to cover VAT increase amongst other things. The Arsenal Independent Supporters Trust have suggested that the increase could be waived and the extra money needed could be raised by flogging the deadwood in the squad – Denilson and his mates. I heartily support this approach. Denilson is on £57,000 a week….and on a long-term contract! Wenger is obsessed with tie-ing down unproven players on highly lucrative (for them) long term agreements ensuring we have about the highest wage bill in the Premier League. We all know contracts are torn-up the moment it suits either party and such generous packages must only be offered to real quality players in the future. This is an opportunity for Stan Kranky to be statesman-like, show Wenger who is really the boss and kick-off on the right foot with the supporters at the same time. I for one will not renew my season ticket if prices increase and there are no structural changes at the club.

Stoke next up. Will Vermaelen play? It will be a tough return, no doubt, if he does.

By the way, the home shirt for next season is a major improvement – let’s pray the team’s performances on the pitch are too!

Wenger Out!


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