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Arsenal were soundly beaten by a team that you would have thought would have had one eye on next weeks Cup Final. In the first half we played our usual tippy-tappy-possession-going-nowhere football and were deservedly punished thanks to some particularly awful “defending” from Arseshaver, who looks very much like he doesn’t want to be at the club anymore – did he ever, I wonder? The Stoke second goal did took a cruel deflection, but it shows how low we have stooped when a reject like Pennant looks good against us.

At half-time Wenger withdrew our worst player, Arseshaver, and our best, Ramsey. Mmm.
Replacement Chamakh showed signs of interest, but the Danish Donkey, who also came on was, as always, woeful. Things got worse as Stoke took control, though a fine strike from RvP hauled us back into the game, albeit very briefly, before another defensive cock-up, courtesy of Djourou, finished us off. It was another dreadful performance.No leadership,on or off the pitch, and players seemingly going through the motions.

Singling out particular players to lambaste may seem a little unfair as the team was so very poor, but Arseshaver is surely on the way out; Song had a terrible game and did not do what he is on the pitch for – he made no tackles and was off the pace, as he so often is; Theo really must stand-up and be counted – he is one of our big match players and now highly experienced, it is simply not good enough to say he does not get the service. The greatest winger I ever saw at Highbury was George Armstrong – he made sure he won the ball if he was not getting any service and would have died for that shirt. A fine example to any modern day winger.

In 50 years of watching Arsenal I have seen far less talented teams in the famous red and white shirts, and teams that have finished further down the table, but I have never witnessed a team less committed than this motley crew. The blame can only lie with one person – the Manager. Whatever his record in the past, that is six years ago now and we seem to be going backwards if anything. I can tolerate poor performances, but I cannot tolerate lack of commitment – that is disgraceful from men earning millions each year.

At the end of last season, so upset was I with the way the club was meandering aimlessly with a Manager who was equally lost that I said to Redhead Gooner that I am thinking of not renewing my season ticket. When I told her the main reason was that Wenger has got it so wrong and is untouchable, she gave me some words of wisdom, “the club is bigger than one man”. Having chewed over the wise words of the wise sage, I did renew. But after one more season of disappointment and lack-lustre performances, I now believe she was wrong. Wenger has become bigger than the club. He can do no wrong. All will come right if we just give him another season or two, is the thinking. Utter bollocks, Things will never change with him at the helm and all the time ManUre and Chelski pull further away and others such as Spuds, City, Liverpool etc catch-up.

It costs me £100 to watch the Arsenal each game, (season ticket, coach travel and coffees), and I will no longer fork out this hard earned money to watch a team that does not care and a Manager who does not know what he is doing. It hurts me deeply because I love the club, but they will not be seeing me again until there is a regime change.

Wenger Out!



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