Changes to location of tickets for some home matches

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We recently received the information below from AFC regarding ticket orders for home games….


“Due to the introduction of the Young Guns Enclosure, please be aware that there will not be sufficient Lower Tier tickets for Category B and C Premier League weekend matches to meet the requirements of UK Supporters Clubs.  Tickets will be issued in the Lower Tier, if available, but for all these matches it is possible some Clubs will be allocated Upper Tier tickets.  When submitting future ticket requests for weekend Category B and C Premier League matches UK Clubs should state in the Special Request Box if tickets are not required if only Upper Tier are available.

This does not apply to the Family Enclosure where tickets will be allocated in the usual way.

As Arsenal values all its members the Young Guns Enclosure has been created to give better access to younger fans for weekend Category B and C Premier League Matches”.

Hopefully this won’t affect you guys too much.

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