Note from the Away Ticket Officer

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We would like to summarise the process for requesting and obtaining tickets for away matches:

  • Members make ticket requests away tickets for any game at any time via email to or via text message or WhatsApp to 07770 455401
  • Ticket requests can be seen at any time at please regularly check that all of your requests appear correctly on this page. If your requests appear there when tickets go on sale then you are liable for the ticket cost.
  • Once tickets go on sale they are purchased using our available memberships. At this point the member is liable for the tickets purchased for them
  • The member is sent a Request For Payment (RFP) by email
  • The member is requested to make an immediate payment by bank transfer.
  • Once payment and tickets are received they are despatched by the required postal method. No SAE is required.

The charges involved for away ticket purchased are…

  • The applicable ticket price (variable)
  • AFC Booking Fee of £1.65 per ticket
  • AWMSC non-member charge of £5 per adult ticket, £2.50 per junior ticket
  • Postage, a charge per group of £1 for 1st class

We hope that this information helps, if any of you would like to join us on an awayday you would be more than welcome.

Ian Hodgkinson – AWMSC Away Tickets Officer


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