Club Rules

These rules were approved by a unanimous show of hands at our inaugural meeting on July 19th 2006:

1. Tickets

a) Silver/Red/Travel Club/Junior Gunner members will “pool” their membership numbers into Arsenal West Midlands & Worcester Supporters Club. In the allocation of tickets Silver and JG members will always take priority for home games. Travel Club members, Season Ticket holders and JGs will always take priority for away games. We cannot guarantee tickets for everyone for every game and it is likely that at least some of the time demand will outweigh supply. On these occasions this is the priority system we will operate:
1st Silver and JG members
2nd Red members/TC Members
3rd Those without Arsenal memberships
1st Travel club members/JGs/Season Ticket Holders 2nd Silver/Red members 3rd Those who have attended most away fixtures.
b) The Supporters Club will order as many tickets for HOME games as is requested to purchase based on the number of Silver and JG memberships it holds (and if applicable the number of Red memberships).
c) If an individual Silver/Junior Gunner member, (and if applicable Red member), wishes to attend a specific game the ticket ordered on their membership will always go to that individual.
d) If the individual on whose membership the ticket was ordered is not attending that game then it will be offered to a Red member or Travel Club member of Arsenal West Midlands Supporters Club who has stated they wish to attend that game.
e) If after tickets have been allocated to all Silver/JG/Red/Travel Club members wishing to attend a game, more tickets remain, these will be offered to members of Arsenal West Midlands and Worcester who hold no Arsenal memberships. These members will pay a booking fee of £5.00 in addition to the face value of the ticket.
f) The Supporters Club will order as many tickets for AWAY games as requested by our members – assuming we hold enough Travel Club or Away Ticket scheme memberships to do so. These will go to the Travel Club/Away Ticket scheme members who have ordered them. If tickets for away games are required by Junior Gunners or Season Ticket holders or Silver or Red members or other non-members and we have the capacity to order them then we will do so. Tickets for non-members will attract a booking fee of £5.00 (£2.50 for juniors)
g) We would encourage members to tell us at as early a stage as possible that they wish to attend a particular game, home or away. In the case of cup matches members will be expected to request tickets within 24 hours of the draw being made and/or the tickets becoming available and to pay for them within 48 hours.
h) We want to get as many of our members to the Emirates during the course of the season as possible and to this end we will keep a record of who has attended which games. Clearly Silver/JG (and where applicable Red members) whose memberships we are actively using always take priority. The record of attendance will be used to allocate tickets for major games such as Cup Finals and semi-finals should the Supporters club gain access to a limited allocation for these games. Should the number of tickets allocated for such a game be smaller than the number of Silver members in our club the committee will hold a ballot among Silver members.
i) Occasionally members whose households hold multiple memberships, ie two Silver and two JG, may wish to bring guests to matches. On three occasions per season such households will be permitted to purchase tickets and transport for guests based on the Silver/JG and if applicable Red memberships they hold. A £5.00 (£2.50 for juniors) booking fee will be charged for each ticket booked for a guest. If the guest subsequently decides to join Arsenal West Midlands SC the £5.00 will be deducted from the membership fee.
j) Members will be expected to pay for tickets promptly within the specified time period, normally seven days. The committee shall have the power to exclude from the Club anyone who consistently fails to pay within this time period or who presents cheques which bounce. Details of exclusions will appear in minutes of the Club’s AGM which are routinely supplied to Arsenal FC.
k) Confirmation of the purchase of tickets for particular games will be sent by email. Tickets will be distributed on transport to games if a coach runs. If for whatever reason transport is not arranged for a game the committee undertakes to ensure the safe distribution of tickets, in most cases face to face outside the ground.
l) Anyone allocated a ticket for a home game who is subsequently unable to attend the game in question must inform the Secretary as soon as possible, and in any event within 14 days of the game, so the ticket can be re-allocated as per the Club rules. The amount paid will be reimbursed to the non-attending member or if s/he prefers returned as a voucher to be used as credit for a future ticket purchase. If members notify the Club that they no longer require a ticket less than 14 days before the game, and in the unlikely event that the ticket cannot be re-allocated, the member to whom it was originally allocated shall be liable for its cost. In the case of away games if the ticket cannot be re-allocated no refund will be issued.

m) Our tickets are for Arsenal supporters only.

n) The selling of tickets allocated to the Club at above face value will result in the exclusion from the Club of the member concerned. The only permissible surcharge is the £5.00 (£2.50 for juniors) booking fee charged by the Club to non-Arsenal members as a contribution towards costs.

2. Travel

a) No alcohol on our transport (it’s the law) and no smoking.
b) Members who have purchased tickets through the club are expected to travel with the Club. By travelling in numbers we are able to keep costs down and the fostering of friendships between Arsenal fans travelling together is a key part of the Club’s purpose. However the Club recognises that occasionally, for social or work reasons, members may wish to travel the day before or after a game. In such instances the member must inform the Secretary at the outset (when the ticket is purchased) that they will not be travelling on Club transport. We cannot afford to book transport for members only to learn at the eleventh hour that individuals no longer require it.
c) Members are expected to be on time for pick ups/departures. No money for tickets or travel will be refunded to anyone failing to appear at the advertised departure point and at the advertised time. In the absence of a satisfactory explanation the committee shall have the discretion to decline future bookings of travel or tickets to anyone who repeatedly fails to attend departure points punctually.

3. Running of the Club

a) The Club shall have three elected officers – a Chairman, a Treasurer and a Secretary. The officers, together with three full members (elected), shall form a committee to run the club. The Chairman holds the casting vote. If the need arises the committee will appoint further officers to share responsibility for certain areas of the Club’s activities such as a Social Secretary, Fundraising Officer, Transport Officer etc but they will not sit on the Committee.
b) The AGM of the Club shall be held by the end of June each year with a minimum of eight people forming a quorum. All members will be invited to attend. Only members may participate and vote. The business of the AGM will be to:
i. approve reports and statements from the elected officers concerning the Club’s business in the past year
ii.elect the Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer
iii.elect other members of the committee
iv.approve membership fees for the coming season
v.approve current rules or deal with proposed amendments to current rules
vi.any other business
c) Notice of the AGM shall be given to all members and to Arsenal Football Club at least 21 days prior to the date it is held. AFC will be invited to send a representative as an observer.
d) Minutes of the AGM will be submitted to AFC within six weeks.
e) Proposals by committee members for changes in Club rules will be circulated to all members at least 21 days prior to the AGM. Proposals for rule changes by members not on the committee shall be submitted to the Club secretary at least 21 days prior to the AGM.
f) The committee shall meet at least four times a year in February, May, August and November.
g) An Extraordinary General Meeting, having the same powers and requiring the same notices and invitations as the AGM, shall be called at the written request of eight Club members or at any time the Committee deem it necessary.
h) As much Club business as possible is to be conducted by email using the address Cutting postage and telephone costs helps keep down the costs for you. With costs in mind the Club will gratefully accept donations of stationery, help with the website etc.
i) The final version of these rules will be posted on the club’s website , On joining the club, members will be emailed a copy and issued with a membership card and pin badge. The Secretary will produce a monthly newsletter detailing Club business and advertising tickets and travel to be distributed mainly by email. Members are encouraged to keep in touch with the club via the website and email address above. Communication is a two way street and we are always interested in your views and comments. If you have proposals for improving the Club we will do our best to respond to them.

4. Conduct of Members

a) Members are representatives of Arsenal West Midlands SC and to an extent of Arsenal FC itself and are expected to behave in a way that reflects positively on both. Sing, shout and show your passion – but do it without giving offence.
b) The committee shall have the power to cancel the membership of any person whose actions or behaviour is considered to be not in the best interests of the Club. Notice of such cancellation and the reasons for it must be supplied in writing to the member concerned. Details of such cancellations will appear in the minutes of the AGM to be forwarded to Arsenal FC.