Terms and Conditions

All of the terms and conditions you will need to know and accept to be a loyal and respectable member of the Arsenal West Midlands Supprters club.

1. Aims of the Club

We exist to promote the name of Arsenal FC within the Worcestershire and West Midlands regions and to foster friendships between fellow fans by travelling to and attending matches together and through other social events.

2. Running of the Club

The club shall be run by a committee comprising a chairman, a treasurer and a secretary working voluntarily. These posts will come up for election each summer before the pre-season events begin so that the club is ready for the new season.

3. Rules of the Club

Members will be expected to abide by a set of rules that are posted on the club’s website at www.arsenalwestmidlands.co.uk. Every member will have the right to propose new rules or suggest amendments to existing rules. These will be debated at club committee meetings and will be implemented if supported by a majority vote of members attending the meeting. Please note that in granting us official status Arsenal FC impose certain rules with which we are expected to abide.

4. Tickets and Travel

The committee undertakes to operate as fair a policy as possible for the allocation and distribution of tickets. Members will be expected to order and pay for tickets within the advertised time periods and to be on time for coach/minibus departures. If you order a ticket and one is obtained for you, you will be expected to pay for it.

5. Privacy

The committee undertakes not to disclose personal details and email addresses of members to third parties except in the case of Arsenal FC who make this a condition of our official status. Photos of members taken at matches/club events may appear on our website. If individuals do not wish to appear please inform the secretary via e-mail: enquiries@arsenalwestmidlands.co.uk.