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Arsenal West Midlands Supporters Club. The ONLY official Supporters Club in this area!

We are a bunch of Arsenal fans based around the West Midlands, Birmingham, Herefordshire, Shropshire, Warwickshire and Worcestershire areas who got together in the summer of 2006 to launch an official supporters club for our great team, The Arsenal.

If you share our passion for the mighty Arsenal and wish to travel to games with us then you’re welcome to join us.  We are the ONLY official supporters club recognized by Arsenal FC in the area, despite what you may have heard… no other supporters club in the area will be granted official recognition by AFC.  If you want to stay official then you are in the right place.  Its your choice…  We offer car shares, coaches, a facebook page, a WhatsApp group, twitter updates, club merchandise, regular newsletters….  Get in touch and we’ll be pleased to help you out.

Membership is open to those with existing Arsenal memberships as well as those without. Silvers and under 16’s are free and the rest pay some of the cheapest rates charged by any of the official Supporters Clubs currently operating in the UK.

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Any questions or comments to enquiries@arsenalwestmidlands.co.uk

For Facebook – http://www.facebook.com/#!/groups/118347634640/

For Twitter – follow @AWMSC

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Away Tickets 2019/20

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Ian Hodgkinson is our Away Ticketing Officer. You can reach him on awaytickets@arsenalwestmidlands.co.uk Tickets for away games usually go on sale one calendar month before the game is due to be played, but obviously this is up to the host … More »

Note from the Away Ticket Officer

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We would like to summarise the process for requesting and obtaining tickets for away matches: Members make ticket requests away tickets for any game at any time via email to awaytickets@arsenalwestmidlands.co.uk or via text message or WhatsApp to 07770 455401 … More »

Home Tickets 2019/20

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You can request tickets for home games by emailing hometickets@arsenalwestmidlands.co.uk Order-by dates are as follows – Tottenham -  23rd July 2019 / Aston Villa – 28 July 2019 / Bournemouth – 30th July 2019 / Wolves  – 28th August 2019 … More »